Ultimate Exercise And Running Belt

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Ultimate Exercise And Running Belt
Fits All Sizes (Up To 59")
Comes with 2 FREE Water Bottles
FREE Delivery


The Ultimate Exercise and Running Belt is the best buddy you will have for all your sport activities.


It has one main large compartment in the middle, which can hold all your accessories securely with a zip. This area would be very useful for placing your mobile/music player in, as it also has a headphone slot built into it. On both sides of the exercise/running belt you have a bottle holder, so you can hold 2 water bottles with you at all times. This belt also comes with 2 FREE Water bottles, so you are ready to go! If you do not fancy carrying water bottles in both the holders, they also transform into normal pockets to hold keys, wallet and more. 


If you are an evening jogger, this belt adds to your safety as reflective green material is used around the belt, so vehicles will be able to see you clearly. The running/exercise belt is also water/sweat proof, so no need to worry about your items getting damaged whilst your pumping out sweat, or if it is pouring down with rain.
The elastic belt fits with an adjustable buckle, so it will fit everyone up to an 59" waist. This belt is perfect for when working out, running/jogging, climbing, cycling, and much more!


  • Fits up to 59" waist. (Adjustable belt)
  • One large zipped compartment, and 2 water bottle holders.
  • The 2 water bottle holders can be transformed into normal pockets.
  • Reflective green material for evening safety.
  • Sweat/Water proof
  • 2 FREE water bottles
  • FREE Delivery