'My Bottle' Water Bottle With Bag

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This bottle is perfect for fashion conscience people. You will look ultra smart drinking from this eye catching bottle. It's modern, elegant and sophiscated design complete with a 'Don't Touch My Bottle' bag for it to fit in will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. 

We have also had customers use it to secure their small fruits into it, such as grapes, cherries and cut up fruit. It can hold 500ml of liquid, so plenty to last throughout the day. If you do run out, you simple twist the head off and fill up within a matter of seconds.

It is a very robust bottle which is important when you are carrying it with you everywhere; in the gym, work, or commuting. So what are you waiting for? Stop using old plastic bottles to carry your drink around, use this bottle to complement your overall look and professionalism. 

It is made from high quality, advanced resin which does not leave a horrible taste when you drink from it. The cap is made of food grade PP, and the filter is BPA-free.